"I aim to provide you the best kind of service you could hope for,

one where you're truly cherished for all that you are."

I care about making a difference for you.

There are many things to do in this world and I chose to dedicate my life in trying to make a difference in your self-confidence and an experience for you to remember. When you come to my service I really want you to see the beauty that you have and for you to remember it.

Often times we don’t appreciate what we have because we don’t know what it is that is beautiful about us. I’m here to show you exactly what it is that you may be overlooking!

I have patience, dedication and focus to make your requests work out.

Have you ever felt afraid to say something to a service provider because you feel they will be reluctant to change it for you?

Be assured that every woman's requests are different and I'll be there to listen, understand and provide for you with no hesitation. I will always give you my professional recommendation when you wish for it!

I wish to empower you.

How do people view you? How do you want others to view you? How do you want to view yourself?

Whether it be for work, or a special event, many times a bride needs a lot of advice and figuring out how to work their beauty regimen so that on their wedding day things will goal very smoothly or for everyday purposes. Sometimes if you’re not sure on how you should appear for work, a little bit of makeup can make a tremendous difference in your self-confidence and the way your peers trust you and view you.

Many brides confide in my expertise before their wedding day to help assist them because their stressful daily workloads are leaving them looking drained. If that’s you and you need an extra lift, please don’t hesitate to ask, and I will give you some complimentary advice to help you out.

I give generous amounts of attention and time to your service.

Have you ever been in a salon and experienced how you get rushed out in that time frame they book for you? What happens if your satisfaction was not met?

When I was just starting out my career working with other artists, many services were done under 30 minutes. I feel this is why so many people do not like their makeup applications. It is because they didn’t get the time to express what they like about themselves, what their personality is like, as well as what they want their makeup to say about them; there was just not enough time and finesse put into their face.

I’ve had that type of rushed experience happen to myself, where I spent over $200 on a haircut to leave in 15 minutes in Yorkville. Within my services, I don’t wish for that to happen, so I spend on average double the time to ensure that you, and your guests to feel understood as well as confidently loving my results much more.

You will always leave satisfied with my services; I make it my mission when you sit in my chair. Otherwise, what is the point of the makeup application if you do not feel that you are the most beautiful version of who you are afterwards?

I take care of your eyebrows.

Have you ever noticed that women often with the most balanced eyebrows don’t ever have to wear much makeup and they look stunning?

You could do absolutely beautiful stunning makeup but if your eyebrows are not properly balanced to your face – I call it synergistically (not symmetrical) representing your face, the work of art will be left looking very untidy. I can make sure that is taken care of.

I take care of your skin.

How hard is it to minimize how much makeup you end up wearing and still keep your skin looking healthy, natural and flawless? I can provide the solution to your worries!

By providing skincare consultations and solutions that work for you, you can have the most natural, flawless looking skin with makeup.

Have your beauty regimen work for you! With my expertise in the esthetics field working in the most high-end spas for 4 years (before servicing you in makeup and hair), I have much experience knowing products, brands, how it is used and what is effective.

Before your service, you will receive my advice and prescription on what I see will help you. You could purchase ingredients to make yourself, to add to your skincare creams, and products that you can purchase within your budget.

I hope to save you time, money, and your effort in searching out perfect skincare regimen.

Should you wish to, your skin can be looked at and analyzed with professional lighting in my private salon before your service. This will help me understand what issues you may be having and it will give me time to help you with them. This alone is $85 per hour consultation, but with me you will have a quick analysis before your makeup service for free.

I will make your skin the smoothest it's ever been.

Have you ever seen cakey makeup? Makeup that looks chalky or discolored?

This is mainly because of undernourished skin that is dry, hardened, bumpy, and with a lot of blackheads.

Before your application of makeup, I will be doing skin preparation and ensuring that we work with a polished, smooth, soft, bright, and a supple surface. Lifting all that dead skin that we don’t wish for, off your face.

The reason why you don’t want to just apply cream and then some makeup right on top of it is because on the surface of your skin definitely has all the dead skin buildup. When you apply makeup to the surface the makeup will only sit on top of that. The dead skin then looks dry, flaky, even cakey, and very unappealing. To make sure that your skin appears smooth and supple, proper prepping is necessary with the right skincare steps. This also helps in reducing the amount of makeup you wear!

I use high-quality performing professional products and specialty tools.

The products that I use in my kit are either highly reviewed, tried and tested by many out there to be safe and effective, or products that I have tested with outstanding results. They are safe for all skincare types and all skin colors.

The products that will be used on you have been researched, purchased and hand-picked as the best professional products for you. My kit is always consistently being updated as new technology and cosmetics hit the market. The following is a taste of the things you can find in my kit:


  • Incredibly light weight and feel. (Doesn't feel like you're wearing makeup!)
  • Allows the lightest to fullest coverage
  • ALL skintypes
  • ALL skintones
  • Extreme long wearing
  • Fragrance-free, waterbased and silicone based formulas.
  • Camera ready formulas (Won't excessively shine or turn white on skin.)

Eye shadow

  • Colours are vivid and true to colour
  • Long lasting and crease-free
  • Finely grounded powders for the smoothest, silky blending


  • Longevity: Waterproof
  • The right colour for you (So many variations of brown, black and even blue!)
  • Right formulas: volumizing, thickening, lengthening or a combination of them!
  • Clump-free
  • Smudge-proof
  • Flake-proof
  • Holding curl on straight lashes


  • Natural looking lashes: the right amount of volume, thickness, density, length and fit for your eyes.
  • The right colouring to enhance eyes and colouring of the face
  • The right shape (where the lash should begin and end)


  • All textures: cream, powder, gel etc. to optimize your finish (matte/dewy)
  • The right finish to have the cheeks youthful, lifted
  • Longevity and wear


  • Right colour to and minimize any excess discolourations on the face.
  • Pigmented
  • Long wearing
  • Right texture and finishes (matte, glossy, semi-gloss, satin, natural) to express your mood

Good Tools

  • How to apply exactly what I envision for you in the most effective way
  • Maximizing time and results for you
  • Extremely top quality natural hair brushes of the finest quality from Japan, Italy, Paris, and around the world.
  • Superior quality synthetic hair brushes to blend cream products to perfection.

Brands/Tools I carry in my kit: Japanese Hakuhodo Handmade Brushes, Kett Cosmetics, Yaby Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Dior, Chanel, Jane Iredale, NARS, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye, and so much more! All products are of professional quality and have been tested for the camera, bridal and performances. Many of my products and equipment are designed by professionals for professionals.

I am reliable.

How do you know that the artist you choose will show up for you on your special event or dates that you book them? Do they keep your appointments or will they change on you?

My reputation is solid where I have always arrived to every bridal booking, and many other requests. I make it my mission to be there for you. It is my service that I provide where you do not have to worry if I will show up or if I will show up on time.

I always ensure that we have enough time with my services. Your satisfaction is my priority.

I train and practice to be the best service provider I can be for you.

How do you know if your artist is up to date with the latest products, techniques, and trainings?

I am an artist that consistently self-upgrades taking many courses in makeup artistry, hairstyling, skincare, as well as the business. Often every month to two months, I attend a different course to improve at least one of these areas of expertise. I enjoy learning consistently as well as being able to give and provide more for you even after our initial service together. I invest much of my earnings back into the industry so that you may get the best out of your service with me every single time.

I provide creative solutions that work.

Do you know what products work best and what new products will work on you?

You will consistently receive the best and latest products I have tried and tested. I often research, personally purchase, and try out products that have been either highly rated recommended or sought out.

Sometimes these products are not available to purchase locally, so I locate them and have them shipped from oversea countries. On average every two months I invest $300 to $500 worth of cosmetics to try for you.

I have strict sanitary, clean products, tools and equipment.

Not sure what is in that artists kit? Is there any products that was shared with other people too many times?

Many times when you are investing in makeup artistry, the artist sometimes has to cut costs in order to make some profit from the service you are paying. I have seen first hand many artists who don't mind reusing the same lipgloss wand on every person and putting it back directly into the tube!

To ensure proper sanitation and methods are used, it is more costly to use disposable products, as well as purchasing fresh products that are not outdated or after the expiry date, and especially products safe for the eye area. The eye is incredibly sensitive and no bacteria should lodge in between the lashes so that you avoid infections.

I write this here because you would think it is common sense for makeup artists to practice these methods but some ignore these practices, believing that using and reusing products will not harm individuals. I have seen infections and I do not wish for the same to you. So to my practice I definitely incorporate hygiene and proper disinfection. If you value sanitation, I'm the right artist for you!

I provide to-your-door convenient mobile services.

Ever in a rush to get out and make sure you get somewhere, and on time?
And plan for our traffic?
With mobile services, I will take on the responsibility to get to you!

How would you feel to have the convenience of just rolling out of bed and a mobile salon will be built in your very own room!

I will bring that fun and pampering experience to you and set up an atmosphere for us to all do it all. Do not worry about where to set up or anything like that, leave that to me and I will get that organized for you. The things I may borrow from you are regular chairs in the house, a table to put makeup and hair products and tools on, and electrical outlets. I will be bringing with me professional lighting equipment, a tall makeup chair, as well as any other necessary equipment I may need to get set up for you.

I fit your correct eyelashes to your eye shape.

Beautiful lashes in its packaging look so great, but sometimes when applied to your face, they often look too dramatic and make your eyes look very sleepy, or even make your eyes look smaller, the opposite of what you wish for!

How do we know what lashes suit our face? How long should they be? How dense should they be? Where do we trim them so that it accentuates our eyes horizontally?

Eyelashes are quite essential to makeup. Whether you wish to wear false lashes or to simply accentuate your own. It really opens up your eyes and therefore it allows your expressions to come forth in your face. That is why it is so pretty to accentuate it because they say so much about how you feel, as well as who you are. I can find the right ones fit for you!

I know which colours add youth and brightness to the face.

Are you a fan of wearing coral, peach, or pink tones on your face? What happens if the pink that you’ve been wearing all this time has been aging your face?

Guess no more! I am a registered, certified, professional image consultant, I will be able to tell you whether or not the pink or peach suits you better. A lot of times artists are taught by the schools to judge your ethnicity color tone and then what will look nice, however I believe there is a better technique in highlighting what brightens your face and what makes it look dull.

Wearing the wrong colors can accentuate fine lines, dark circles and expression lines, under the eyes, as well as deeper laugh lines. Color really does make a difference when you are expressing yourself with your face!


I dedicate my time here to help and I appreciate you for reading this page on what I hope to do for you. I look forward to hearing from you!


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