Wedding Day Previews / Trials

When should I book my Wedding Day Preview?

Wedding Day Previews are a great way to tell if an artist is the right fit for you. However by taking a look at their website, their style, their philosophy and approach to beauty, you can get to know who you are entrusting on a personal level at your heartfelt event. This is a good approach prior to committing to a preview. Once you're ready you can definitely contact the artist you're interested in and setup a preview.

If you are interested in my Preview beauty services, you can book this in your convenience as soon as you would like to make that decision to see if I am the right artist for your wedding day. You can book it for a private viewing where you can see it for just yourself on a quiet evening or you can book a time where you can wear it out.

However if you wish to move ahead first with a 50% retainer of services, the Preview can wait until you know more details about your day knowing your date is already secure. Details such as your wedding dress, the style you hope to achieve, the theme, etc. It should be no later than 3-4 months prior to the wedding day to allow for any changes should you wish for them.

I believe it's wise to consider a Wedding Day Preview when you're investing in photography and especially videography. Based on experience, a bride always feels much more at ease on the wedding having completed a Preview. This way, we can discuss any of your concerns during our appointment prior to your wedding day.

In 2015/2016 season, 9/10 of my brides booked a preview prior to their wedding day and on many occasions have booked more than 1 Preview to try out different looks.

Wedding Previews are typically conducted on weekdays or the very occasional weekend, provided we have availability. If you are really hoping for a weekend appointment, if you do not mind waiting until 1-3 days prior, we can update you if it can be accommodated for.
However during peak season May-September it is very unlikely for a weekend date unless you would like to reserve ahead of time with a minimum booking.

Are Wedding Day Previews mandatory?

Wedding Day Previews are not mandatory; it is optional and an additional service to you to have more time to express your concerns prior to the day for me to really get to know you and to understand you.


How do I book you?

Please follow the steps listed here on How Do I Book with Olivia Ha.


Where do your beauty services take place?

Being a mobile service, your request service is provided onsite to you.

Depending where you live, you may be subject to travel charges.


Do you provide mobile in-home services?

Absolutely! Being a mobile beauty service provider, I can bring the salon to you! (see above question)

How early of a start-time can I request your services for?

As early as you're willing to wake up and require my services!

Early start fees may be subjected.

To start this early, proper rest is required the night before so that I may block off any requests the night before, and to ensure the mind and body is healthy in a state of focus just for you. This is why a fee is standard to accommodate for an early start request.

How long does it take to service me and/or my bridal party?

  • A bride typically takes 3 hours.
  • Bridal party members require approximately on average 1 - 1.5 hrs

Please factor in an extra hour for any delay as well (explained below). As well as approximately 15 minutes for me to setup and 15 minutes for me to pack up as well.

Note: During the morning, usually the photographer would like to take pictures of details and this time frame should be factored in as well. During the makeup/hair process is an additional 15 minutes of getting ready + 10 minutes of you putting on the dress and 10 minutes on portraits of you fully dressed and ready to leave.

If you are doing unwrapping a gift form your husband-to-be + reading of a card, or gifting presents to your bridal party, this should be factored in as well.

Do you service men with your beauty services?

Absolutely! I believe every man should be able to have men's grooming, especially when standing next to you who is all polished and groomed!

I have applied makeup and styled hair for men of all ages. Even celebrity men! I've styled grooms, fathers, brothers, and guests attending a wedding. Makeup will be applied extremely natural. Some of the grooms in my bridal portfolios have their makeup and hair styled by me!

Just like the red carpet, many celebrity men too wear makeup to look and feel their best. See my Beauty & Fashion Portfolio where I've applied makeup for men's grooming advertisements.

The cost of a makeup application varies depending on the time required for the face. Typically a makeup application will cost anywhere from $60-$150 depending on the situation or skin condition. Please provide a photo upon inquiring.

Usually, a man is very picky with his hair and usually styles his own! However in the event he wishes for me to style his hair, the same consultation will apply as for a bride. Pictures of him are required prior to his hair styled, his daily hairstyle, and his ideal hairstyle for me to understand his wishes and style him for his big appearance on the big day! A groom's hairstyle styling service typically ranges from $60-$150 as well.

Are airbrush makeup and false eyelashes included?

Yes absolutely for every bride! If you're a bride it's complimentary for quality false lashes for your special day.

For some women, they don't know how false lashes will look on them and are often afraid to try, thinking it would be too much. Many artists will charge extra so many women would just opt not to have the false lashes and miss out on the beautiful experience. They are complimentary so if it's something you don't like, we can just remove them!

At your preview, you can experience it there before the wedding day.

With airbrushing too, it will be a lady's first time trying this experience so you don't know what to expect. With it an additional cost, they don't even know if it will be a better upgrade! Often missing out on this opportunity as well. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the airbrush experience that feels like a refreshing soft air mist. Then after a short while, you can see how natural and flawless the results are. Airbrush makeup is known when done properly, to allow the makeup to wear much longer than traditional makeup.

For bridal party and friends, family you have the option to have false lashes and have airbrushing done also complimentary. I made it optional so it's sensitive to everyone's comfort on what they want their beauty experience to be like with Olivia Ha Beauty experience.

What do your services include? Do these apply only to the bride or to the entire bridal party?

All services I offer are for everyone in large groups and bridal parties; everyone will receive extra pampering.
False lashes and airbrush are complimentary or optional to the wearer's comfort.

Please see Bridal Beauty for more information on Complimentary services.

How long does Airbrush Makeup last for, does it last longer than normal makeup?

When doing a proper makeup application, the makeup does last much longer. It's how I prep the skin and the technique I apply the makeup on, that helps the makeup last longer. I also factor in what I determine your skin type is and what you will be exposed to (weather) etc. Using also the information you provide me, I know how to properly assess and prep the skin to have the makeup last extremely well.

Your skin type, oil, sweating, your "cry factor", weather and the such are some things to keep in mind. I've had brides be in the rain even (pouring rain under a tree) and as so long as they're not directly being sprayed at with pressure (like a garden hose!), the makeup really stays on extremely well.

I've even had a bridesmaid come back to tell me they sweat so much that their dress soaked through but the makeup stayed on perfectly well! She also added every time she pat her sweat off her face with a napkin, the colour and makeup wasn't being removed!

If you're inquiring to see if you should book a Look Change or Touch Up, I often have brides book me for the evening because they just want to look their best and to have me on site for any 'freshening-up'. Especially this is so if they have skin issues or want an evening look change. It does make a big difference in photos for the hair and makeup to be changed and/or 'freshened' up.

I know each and every single bride that has booked me for the touch-up appointment always tell me how they're so glad they did book me to return because I can help them take off the veil, change, put up the hair etc. and even help them dress. It really personal and is up to you if you would like that service.

If I purchase an all day on site service, can my bridesmaids have complimentary touch-ups as well?

Yes, absolutely. They are apart of your day in photos as well! However you being the bride, I would like to have you being the priority of the day. I will be focusing most of my time in perfecting your look so every photo snapped of you is flawless. To be honest, usually that takes most of my time, however if there is a break and I notice the girls can use a bit of a touch-up after you are 'freshened-up', of course I would provide that for them no problem! I would want them to look polished in your photos as well.

Do you service large parties? What is the limit of services I can request you for in one day?

Yes I do! I have serviced up to 10 individuals myself in a day. Any more than that, I would suggest to hire one of my teammates whom I trust and have personally educated. I would also suggest to have an assistant attend my side if you want me to personally attend to everyone. An assistant fee may apply depending on the volume of individuals, please inquire for more information.

Do you work alone or do you have a team?

I mostly work alone. If you would like things to go over smoother for your day, an assistant to help with cleaning, assisting, going over the mini-facial treatment and skincare prep is available at $85-$250+.

If you would like a second artist (or a beauty team) to perform services I do have very recommended and trusted artists I can setup at your wedding for you.

Do you have any more before and afters photos you can send me?

For other Before and Afters, I keep a high confidentiality with the clients that have requested me not to release their name or share their before and afters. The ones that have approved are posted on my website, others are either pending for approval or has been discussed to be non-disclosed.

All the photos you see in my Bridal Portfolio are brides on their actual wedding day where you can see how it appears professionally photographed. You can also see my instagram: as well.

In my Before & Afters Portfolio, there you will find photos I took myself and the media is not tampered with, so that you get a very good representation of the work. What you see is exactly as it is.

I have over 7 albums in my portfolio that I hope can give you an accurate representation of my work. However if there is something specific (eyes? face?) you would like to see, please let me know!

I also have an extensive Wedding Film Video Gallery and a Makeup & Hair Video Gallery.for you to see the Olivia Ha Beauty Experience in full effect!

Do you take destination requests? How far will you travel to service me?

Absolutely! I have been hired for destination weddings before and that is available with my regular rates. For destination weddings, a minimum booking is required for a full day with all travel and expenses accommodated for. If you would like to discuss details further, please contact me with your inquiries for more information.

If I have sensitive skin, will makeup application be okay for me?

It's good you ask because I always ask if someone has a specific allergy or sensitivity when I service them! I use an entire variety of makeup and skincare brands. You can read more here.

I have never once had a single complaint of a reaction (not to my knowledge) of my makeup services in over 10 years. I would like to keep it that way! I have serviced women with almond oil and severe peanut allergies as well.

For sensitivity (without allergies) tests I personally test product sensitivity on myself. I personally have eczema and great sensitivity on my face and though it seems non-existent, (because I do take extremely good care of my skin) I can really relate to women being fearful of foreign skincare products. If there is even a tingle sensation, I don't even put the product in my kit because personally I am *extremely* sensitive. I can't even use Cetaphil moisturizer and cleanser (dermatologist recommended) because that actually burns my face and skin!

Take a look at this bride in my Before & Afters Portfolio. She has eczema where you can tell after makeup, it is much harder to notice! There are other ladies with acne, birth marks, scarring and many other things in this album; so yes I am like the skincare doctor with makeup! I've quite seen a lot within over 10 years of being in the beauty business! I have also serviced men with skincare issues as well. Skincare is my specialty in makeup.

Not sure if you also know but I have an esthetics diploma and starter background, much more advantageously than most makeup artists. You can read a bit about my background here.

I've written some articles on taking care of the skin on my blog The Beauty Of Life's Experiences as well!

I would recommend a wedding day preview if possible, so I can show you which products I use that are very beneficial for the skin, even safe enough for oncology (cancer) patients and some of my personal findings that really help keep it calm. This way you can see for yourself and feel rest assured before the big day there will be no surprises.


What are your services and rates?

My services include Bridal Beauty, Special Events, & Makeup Lessons.

Do you have a minimum booking? and Why?

I do have a weekend minimum booking from Friday through Sunday.

If you are a "second" booking of my day, you may not be subjected to the minimum booking fee depending on the time frame requested for your service. You may choose to wait until you are the "second" booking of that day, but you also run the risk of entirely not being able to receive my services if someone wishes to book the entire day! I do often receive requests from brides that book my Full-Day Services (and even last minute on the day of!). So services are first-come-first-serve in all fairness.

There is a minimum booking because I hold all weddings a priority for my brides to have their day well attended to. Weddings usually take place on the weekend and for my bridal services to be performed with delicate and efficient quality, I make time for premeditated rest & focus. This is a very special day for someone (along with their family and loved ones to celebrate something big) and I want to help plan and create the most memorable moments.

If my bridesmaids simply just want a little airbrush makeup applied or false eyelashes applied, how much would that cost?

Individual costs are hard to judge. Please provide a picture of the individual for an accurate quote.

How much is a Touch-Up if I just want something quick done? Why is it a full service fee?

It is still a full service fee because in reserving that time frame for you, I won't be able to take any other requests during this time.

Even if it's quickly done, it's done correctly and precisely to exactly what you require. I've been told many times by my clients in my service that even though they're not entirely sure what they want, I'm able to recommend something that looks & holds amazing in a very short amount of time they were not sure would suit them. This comes with my extensive experience and skill as an artist.

It's actually more of a necessity to book someone very skilled if all you have is a short time to change in the evening! Rather than to spend half the available time to enjoy your wedding with guests with an artist fidgeting and unable to style your makeup and hair - you can find someone that knows how to plan your makeup and hair in the morning and be able to style it again with ease, precision and timeliness towards the evening.

May I pay cash to reserve beauty services?

If this is during peak season, the likelihood of having an availability to meet up across town can be quite difficult from previous experience. If you want to see that I am a real person before you hand me over your hard earned money, I can always face-time you to assure I’m a living breathing human being!

With that being said, you can still ask my availability to meet up!

Also with any payment, before I accept your payment I would like to make sure I have your permission to perform the services with a completed request form from you.

If we are meeting up for a trial, we can do the reservation together with cash or over my computer or yours, on my online booking system.

Can my trial cost be reduced if I am not going anywhere special afterwards?

Though I can see where you are coming from, if going somewhere afterwards is something you would like to experience with your makeup and/or hairstyling, I highly encourage you to. Take some pictures! Run the risk of sleeping on it to show it off the next day (a few of my brides have!) But unfortunately, after the services are performed, as much as I would like you to go experience it out somewhere, I cannot provide a discount for it because the same amount of effort is required to produce such a beautiful result as I would for a normal service. If you are unable to wear it somewhere and would like to go somewhere after, book your trial at a time where you can attend an event afterwards.

My hair is short, is there a discounted rate on the hairstyling services?

Unfortunately no, sometimes with short hair, it actually takes the same amount of time or even longer than what you may assume for your desired look. If you typically spend a very short amount of time on your hair, you will get your typical result.

Following the Olivia Ha Beauty Standard, a certain amount of prep time is required to produce quality, timeless, lasting results. Even if it is done even in a short amount of time, it is done so through over 10 years of experience just to produce such an artistic, long lasting result for you.

I've personally experience testimonials right after I style a lady's (even pixie short hair)! Many ladies say they have never fallen in so much love with the way her hair is styled, never thinking short hair can be quite difficult. Short hair requires a certain amount of key precision styling because every little movement now shows in the hair, even more than most long hairstyles. You're not the only one that may think this so I just like to clarify how it's done professionally.

All services requested on weekends (Fri-Sun) must reach or exceed the weekend minimum, not including parking fees.

I just want something natural, really simple and easy. Can that reduce your cost?

Unfortunately no, even with simple, natural makeup it can take a lot of time to create! For example, if you were to look in skincare ads, those take the highest skilled and sought after makeup artists in the world that cost over $30,000 for the "no-makeup" look. (Luckily for you, we are not talking about product advertisement makeup!)

Very skilled makeup can make it seem very effortless-looking and incredibly natural, as if you're barely wearing any makeup if at all. The makeup becomes your second skin. Even looking like your skin in photographs and most importantly in person for people to see you up-close at a special event. The highest compliment you can receive wearing makeup is that you look the most incredibly beautiful and natural. That they compliment you "You look incredibly beautiful!" - not "Your makeup and hair is beautiful" - and leave *you* out of the equation!

No one wishes to look entirely "made-up" or "false". Therefore very 'simple' or 'natural' makeup is one of the hardest art mastery to achieve as a makeup artist. Even quick makeup applications require a very keen, experienced eye to know exactly how much to apply, where to apply, what colour, what texture, what density (so on and so forth). On top of it all for your special event: how to apply it so it has also a long lasting effect throughout all your pictures!

I will leave you a quote a famous makeup artist often says: "I don't charge by the pound".

Other artists charge less than you, why are your services more expensive?

Once you have had The Olivia Ha Beauty Experience, you will exactly know why!

In fact, many brides come see me after they have been unsuccessful costing them "wasted" commitment, including extra time and extra money seeing other makeup artists for trials (once, she told me even over 10 trials!) Often they share their story with me, with their loved ones that give a look of horror upon seeing them!

It may seem wise to book a few lower costing trials and find the right one but I find based on what I hear from other brides that see me, they start to lose faith in looking like themselves. Or even looking beautiful and most importantly *feeling* beautiful the day of the wedding, causing unnecessary stress to yourself!

To prevent this, make sure you research whom you wish to book with ahead in advance. Look for someone that provides before and afters of their work and makeovers. Don't be fooled by just models posing for makeup. Their features are already ideal (hence they're a model). I provide a lot of before and afters of very "regular" and "everyday" *super* women (I don't think any woman is ever ordinary!) that give the exact result shown there. Look for completely unaltered images that give you the most accurate results of what to expect of a person walking in and walking out with their makeup done.

Also, look for videos of their work, videos cannot be altered or retouched like photos can be. This is the exact real representation, especially in HD (high-definition), that cannot be tampered with. What is recorded, is what is recorded! Pay close attention to their brows, are they shaped? A lot of makeup artists do not know how to shape brows.

Advantageously, I have a diploma and professional education in esthetics where I had a few years of experience shaping brows in a spa and salon prior to starting my career in makeup artistry. Brows are the single and only horizontal structure on a face, thus being the most important horizontal feature on a person's face! For someone to go to a brow expert prior to getting their makeup done is very scarce as simply people do not have the time or experience to know what suits them best. Even if the brows are shaped properly, creating beautifully made and filled in brows is another question!

Another common overlooked feature is to look at the lips. Are the colors natural and appropriate for your event? Are they shaped to balance out correctly? These are only a few of the things I share and educate as a Master Artist and Educator, also teaching makeup artistry.

Why You Should Book With Olivia that will provide you more information to make your informed decision when choosing an artist to properly represent you for your event.

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