Thank You Cards

These are heartfelt Thank You letters from just a few Brides that Olivia Ha has serviced on their Wedding Day! Olivia goes above and beyond what is expected of her on a Bride’s very special day.


Reviews and Testimonials

I want to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our makeups! The reason we looked so great was all from your hard work!!! Thank you for organizing such a wonderful makeup/hairstyle team and help us look our best~
I am so impressed by how everything turned out, especially in the pictures.
You are such a talent and I am extremely happy that you were there to make my day so beautiful

It takes a truly beautiful person (both inside and out) to help others look beautiful.  There’s no doubt you are that beautiful person.

I had an amazing time working with you.  You have excellent customer service and your personality is vibrant.  You are very easy to talk to and I can see that you really care about your client’s needs – I really appreciated that.  I would definitely recommend others to use you and I am sure my bridesmaids feel the same way.  Another thing I was very happy with was that you were flexible and accommodative such as being available when I needed you for my evening make-up and hair.

You demonstrated your professionalism and good customer service by arranging to have my mother-in-law’s makeup & hair done even though the other hairstylist couldn’t.  Lastly, you and your team were able to pull off such fabulous make-up and hair for all of us in such limited time (and at 4 a.m.!)

Kevin and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Diana Yung

Hi Olivia,

I wanted to just email you to tell you I am very grateful for what you did for my wedding.  It was a hectic day (lots of happy tears), but your makeup lasted the entire day.  Thank you so so much!!!  I can’t thank you enough!!!!  Not only are you great with makeup but your personality is just outstanding.  I really appreciate you listening to me and helping me out from the morning to the evening. Please keep in touch!!!


Yen Nguyen

Hi Olivia
I just want to thank you again for making us look so beautiful.The compliments were endless…everyone raved at how beautiful we all were. What I particularly loved was the fact that the make-up didn’t change our look but enhanced our natural beauty. Superb job…thank-you again and we will send pictures!

Pauline (Mother) & Nikisha (Bride)

I was an EXTREMELY picky bride when it came to choosing my Make Up Artist for the Wedding Day.  I spent days pouring over profiles of different Make Up Artists until I saw Asian Beauty Queen, Belinda’s, make up done by Olivia Ha. Olivia makeup for my Wedding was AMAZING. I have found my MAKEUP ARTIST FOR LIFE!

After seeing me on my wedding day, many of my friends are trying to book her for their weddings. Good luck booking her.

Carmen Wai

Thank you so much for making Kelly absolutely breathtaking ( good canvas to work on ) She was so radiant , and her hair was perfect.

You two ladies did a fantastic job.

Olivia, there were people at the wedding that I haven’t seen in 20 years, (some of them I didn’t even recognize at first) . They all said that I looked fantastic , and that I haven’t changed at all!!(Must have been that clear serum you first applied to my face.) I know that everyone says to the MOB… oh you look so good , friends of mine at work couldn’t believe how well my make up was done. I did feel really good, and most important HOT!!!

There was no rain, and the sun was out during the ceremony, the day was PERFECT in every way.

Thank you so much again for making us look gorgeous on the Big Wedding Day.

Nancy Tompkins… and Kelly Turner

P.S. it is 3:00 Sunday and I still have my false eyelashes on!

Nancy Tompkins

Hi Olivia,

Thank YOU for taking the time yesterday to really highlight the features I love about my face! You really did an amazing job in capturing my personality – I felt beautiful and seeing the pictures you’ve taken, LOOK beautiful!!

I truly appreciate your approach to your art, your passion definitely comes through!

Also, thank you for shaping my eyebrows!! I finally feel like they balance my face well! 🙂

Lisa B.

I was incredibly happy with the results of my make-up and the support I was given by Olivia on the wedding day. Olivia tailored to my needs knowing that I am very apprehensive about make-up on my face at all.  I wanted something natural but polished.  She touched up my make-up throughout the day and took great care to ensure that my make-up was humidity proof.  Even though at times I felt like I was melting, I never looked like it!

Olivia went above and beyond for me which really made me feel so special.  She took care of touching up my bridesmaids on the spot and was always prepared for anything.  Having had make-up done by other artists before, I knew she did quality work and I deeply appreciated the hygienic steps she took to ensure that everything that touched my face was done with something disposable.  I had also hired Olivia to do my engagement and boudoir make-up so I knew it would be a perfect match. For the value and the quality, you really get what you pay for and I wouldn’t have dreamed of using anyone else on my wedding day and was so happy I chose her!

Yvonne Hao

Jeff Hui

Out of all the makeup artists I know, you make the biggest transformations – possible!

Jeff Hui - Toronto

Your friendly personality and professionalism added to the trial and wedding day experience. You are up to date with all the latest looks and styles, and flexible with trying different looks! Thank you for making everyone in my party look amazing on my big day!!

Barbara Svab

Wedding Makeup Artist Toronto

Thank you so much for yesterday, I could not have looked or felt more beautiful, it makes me cry thinking about it. Thank you so much you did an amazing job and I looked great all night. I will definitely send you professional pictures I can’t wait to see them. It has been a total pleasure to work with you Olivia, you have been so professional and informative through all of our communication together. I have truly enjoyed working with you. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for your services. I am so sad it’s over, I wish that special time could go on forever

I wish you the best with everything, personal and career, you are so great at what you do as well you are just a great and beautiful person inside and out.

I will be in touch with the pictures when they come through to me.

Thank you again on behalf of my mom and I!!!


Kelly Tompkins

Olivia is the best makeup artist ever! No doubt will you be more than satisfied with her work! She is so sweet, very experienced and professional, and knows how to have fun! She will do exactly what you ask her if not 100 times better! She is full of beautiful ideas, knows what works best for anyone, and is more than inspiring! Working with her numerous times, I have always been outstandingly happy and have recommended her to everyone!

Anastasia Moss

My favorite makeup artist in the world!

Elena Semikina (Miss Universe Canada 2010)

The team at Olivia Image were wonderful! The girls’ hair and makeup looked fantastic and held up all day. Olivia took the time to carefully colour match the foundation used to my skin and was attentive to the overall look I wanted. I loved that each bridesmaid had their own style, but we were all still very cohesive. I loved Olivia’s suggestion of keeping my hair down, and all the girls’ hair up! I would highly recommend her to anyone for their wedding or special event.

Winnie Hui

Olivia is very professional in her service, I really appreciate her prompt response to my questions. She is a creative artist that I enjoyed working with and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a makeup artist whom you can trust.

Carina Fung

I want to have another special occasion to go to again because I want you to do my make up again, I was obsessed with it, and everyone said it was 5000% FLAWLESS!

I know all my sisters want you for their wedding, and anyone I know that will get engaged I will tell them to use you!

Having Olivia do my best friends make-up for her wedding, I knew I had to have her do mine as well!  She not only took the time to understand exactly the look I wanted to achieve the day of, but she was so genuine and I truly felt her excitement for me! My make-up was AMAZING…I felt the most beautiful I have ever been on my wedding day because of her, so thank you. My make-up stayed on from 10am to well into the wee hours of the morning…THANK YOU OLIVIA I Can’t wait to see you again!

The thing is with you, you are so genuine and really made me feel special and that you were actually so happy for me on my and Lauras wedding day. You can really see that you LOVE what you do and it shows!!”

Julia Parkins

Chinese Bridal Makeup Artist Toronto

Hi Olivia,I hope all is well and that your business continues to grow! Wai and I only have great things to say about you. We look back at the pictures and your makeup is truly polished and elegant, and I especially liked how it looked natural and glamorous at the same time. I’m someone who experiences runny eyeliners or mascara a lot, and I was so impressed that the makeup stayed on well through the night. The updo hair is brilliant and also stayed perfectly in place even with a lot of dancing. And equally important, you are a truly a pleasure to work with and I appreciate your going the extra mile to make the day incredibly easy, relaxed and friendly. Oh yes, and the eye mask was key! I think it was a brilliant idea to apply a mask to prep the skin before makeup, and I really appreciated it! 🙂

Take care!
Jessica & James

Jessica & James

Hi Olivia!

I was very happy with the hair and makeup. Everything was still in place by the end of the night, even after a lot of dancing. I can’t think of anything that needed improvement…you were wonderful to deal with and you were very professional also. (Looking back at the photos, it seems like you wore dark colours and had your hair down to cover part of your face on purpose; that way you won’t be competing with the bride in the photos…that’s very thoughtful of you!) You made me feel beautiful on my wedding day, which was the most important part!

You can feel free to use the attached photos.

Thanks again!

Also, happy lunar new year! I wish you success and prosperity this year! =)



Franny Cheng

Asian Bridal Makeup Artist Toronto

The pictures turned out beautifully and I believe that your keen and artistic eye played a major factor in making the photography flawless.  The job you did on my makeup and hair was simply stunning.  It really made a world of difference because I felt confident in my appearance, which is so important for a bride when she is meeting hundreds of guests on her wedding day.  I think the wedding photos are a testament to the work you are capable of doing.  My makeup stayed put the entire day, and the small case of lip colour lasted me until the reception ended early the next day.  My hair also stayed in place even when the wind was blowing my veil furiously during the photography session.  You did a tremendous job

I hope you continue to grow your business and make many more brides happy.


Cathy Chang

Resurrection of Romance Editorial Makeup

A Ressurection of Romance:

Olivia Ha has become my go-to artist for fashion photo shoots.  She perfectly carries out the inspiration, while adding her own, beautiful, soft touch to the looks!  She is always enthusiastic, open to ideas, and a pleasure to work with-  Thank you Olivia!”

Jessica Rose Design

I just wanted to say thank you so much that you made me look awesome!!!!!!!

I got my pictures yesterday and I really love it!!!  If I got a wrong make up artist, it wouldn’t come out like that!!!!!!

Your make up was amazing!!!!!  I will definitely look for you if I have any special occasion to wear a special make up!!!!

Thank you so much!!!


Kelly Kang