“Through My unique beauty curriculum, I wish the educate you on the necessary skills in order to feel
comfortable, confident, & beautiful in your own skin on a daily basis!"

Book A Lesson

Learn over a decade of beauty secrets, and experience to super easy steps you can take with you for life!


5 Lessons
Recommended: For those that don't wear any makeup, have no beauty routine
$2000 (2 hours each)

Focusing on very easy, bite-size steps in learning your basic beauty routine. Starting with a quality, proper, easy 5-10min morning routine enhancing your unique features that can be done by the most novice. By the end of the 5 lessons, you can be able to do a daytime look and how to enhance it for the evening! Perfect for improving your image at work, and/or personal lifestyle.

3 Lessons
Recommended Level: For those that have/are wearing makeup daily
$1305 (2 hours each)

We will go through the basics like the 5-lesson program, but more condensed on timing as we may not focus on features as long as in the 5-lesson course.

Single Lessons
$475 (2 hours)
- For those that want some general tips about their current makeup routine, or those that want a quick session to brush up on makeup techniques! That time is reserved in answering and showing you any techniques you want to learn during this time.
Available for all skill levels.

Group Lessons

The perfect way to have a memorable experience with loved ones!

Have fun with beauty together!  My favorite types of group lessons!

  • Can learn off of each other's questions and concerns
  • Will have live demos of me demonstrating techniques on you and your loved ones!
  • Can also swap new beauty products with friends that better suit you!

Group Lessons start at $575 for 2 people for 2 hours.

For larger groups, please inquire more details.

Refine Your Kit

Let's go have fun shopping beauty together!

Makeup Shopping:
$650 (3 hours)

Get an expert, pro opinion as your best friend for the day!

Let's meet up, have a snack together to get to know each other and then go shopping for some hours of fun.


Kit Refinement Services Include:
• Go over your personal beauty routine together first
• Going shopping together at your favorite cosmetic stores!
• Trying on new makeup products together as I show you firsthand how to use them properly, or what colours and textures would be a lovely addition to your beauty routine.

Olivia Ha’s Makeup Expertise Will Put All Your Beauty Questions To Rest!

• How to care for my skin to create smooth, flawless skin?
• What foundation works best for my skin type?
• What should I keep in my makeup routine and kit?
• What colour palette flatters me the most?
• How to shape my eyebrows?
• How to properly apply mascara that flatters my eyelashes?
• How do I properly curl my lashes?

• What is better for my skin in special conditions being drier and when it’s more humid?
• How to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing or eye makeup from smudging?
• How to keep my makeup lasting longer throughout the day?
• How can I apply false lashes, and what are flattering styles for my shape?
• How to create a smoky eye, unique for my eye shape?
• How do different makeup textures show up on my skin? (Cream, liquid, powder)

• What products are versatile in my kit to mix and make different mediums?
• What products deliver the best quality for my look and versatile wear?
• How to customize false lashes to fit my ideal eye shape?
• What products are best for under-eye area that won’t crease?

My Educational Promise:

I am an expert in the beauty industry that has been beautifying the world one face at a time in the hopes that each and every woman sees and feels the full potential of her inner beauty. With knowledge of the industry for +12 years now, I have done extensive product research that you can rely on for cosmetic advice.

At your makeup lesson, I aim to get you feeling confident in your makeup skills & still being exactly who you are as a person. I will teach you how to achieve many looks, from glamorous to natural. I want you to feel satisfied in your ability to pull off a very natural look or even an elegant evening look.

I hope to teach you how to embrace your imperfections, even on your face and how to make them work together with the other beautiful features you have on your face. I will teach you what beautiful and unique features are hidden on your face that are just waiting to be liberated with makeup artistry. Book me for a makeup lesson, and together let's highlight those features hiding beneath the surface!