Olivia Ha Bridal Makeup Artist Toronto Canada 2016
Olivia Ha is a beauty expert that has been beautifying the world one face at a time in the hopes that each and every woman sees and feels the full potential of her inner beauty.

"I help women fall in love with themselves so that they can remember how beautiful they are for the rest of their lives no matter what the world challenges her with."

For over 12 years now, Olivia has worked with women in every age group, skin texture, and skin tone type with the proficient capability to help them realize how to maximize their own unique beauty. These women have seen their most inner beauty artistically expressed on the surface of their skin for all to see with the Olivia Ha Beauty Experience. This has attracted many women from all walks of life to Olivia’s chair, and they always leave with a confident smile on their faces.
Brides seek Olivia’s services annually for her unique glowing natural-skin makeup finish; she has perfected a timeless elegant look for brides to look absolutely stunning on their special day. She doesn’t want brides to just look amazing on their wedding day but to feel amazing throughout the entire event. You can view her bridal beauty work in issues of Wedluxe Magazine (2)Style Me PrettyWeddingbells, Dauphine Magazine, and many more publications. You can see her artistry featured in competitions such as the industry’s Contessa Awards 2011 and at the Allied Beauty Association Show, Award Winner in 2010 and 2015. Olivia is also known to be the makeup artist that beauty pageant contestants go to for a clean flawless look. She was the head makeup artist for Miss Asia Toronto 2008 and the personal makeup artist for Miss Asia 2008 1st runner up, Miss World 2009, Miss Universe Canada 2010Beauties of Asia 2012 and many more.
Olivia has challenged herself to compete with industry beauty standards for professional judges to critique her work in makeup competitions across Toronto. So far Olivia has taken home 2 winning ABA trophies and plans to compete annually. She always seeks to better herself in every way as a professional artisan in the industry.
Olivia volunteers monthly at Look Good Feel Better: a complimentary program for women facing cancer, available to women at their local hospitals. She teaches workshops on how they can take care of themselves hygienically and giving the women there the confidence to overcome their struggles, to always let their inner beauty shine.
Olivia truly believes in empowering people with awareness of their beauty because she has seen firsthand how far personal growth can take you in life. She has triumphed over self-image issues all her life like many of you have, so she knows the struggle and she is a survivor. Each year Olivia helps teach people how to express their inner beauty and how to become self-confident, all while enjoying being themselves. She wishes to inspire and show you that you can be absolutely beautiful as you are. See what the The Olivia Ha Beauty Experience has to offer you today!

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As a beauty specialist, my ultimate goal is to help you creatively express yourself and beautify your looks by embodying the core principle of Makeup Your Soul: beauty-awareness. Allow me to help you to see beauty in a whole new way. Hi! My name is Olivia Ha and welcome to Makeup Your Soul, a curriculum about discovering your inner beauty, learning how to be confident through self-expression and enhancing your life's experiences through beauty-awareness.
Beauty-awareness is about becoming conscious of what makes you beautiful inside and out. Let me help you find your inner beauty and attain balance through Makeup Your Soul! We can only fill the empty spaces in the heart of our humanity with the right intentions. Seek guidance that will place you on the best path forward towards establishing healthy self-worth. You can be beautiful and I want you to know that!

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