"All the little details add up to who you are."

Thank you for your vote of confidence in the Olivia Ha Beauty Experience!

I formally introduce you to my beauty services with this prep guide! I would love to make sure that you look and feel your best at your special event, in the way that you would uniquely wish it to be. With that wish in mind and our journey together to get there, it starts with preparation and this guide.

Artists can only do with what is presented and known at the time with your skin and hair. However, at Olivia Ha Beauty, I want to give you lots of time before your event so you can express to me everything you love and wish to express about yourself.

I’ve taken the extra time to make sure I help you as much as I can beforehand, so that you may just enjoy and love the magical experience!

Important Information:

  1. Please inform ASAP if you have any allergies or sensitivities
  2. If you know you wish for, or open to having hair extensions/pieces to work with (such as hair stuffing, sponges, and extension pieces as they take some time to prepare and order about 2 weeks in advance. The earlier you know the better!)
  • More than 1 trial appointment may be required for your ideal look. This is often if you want a very specific look, or if you're not sure what styles look good on you and you need to try many styles and appointments.
  • Know that if you are setting up a trial right before pre-wedding photos or engagement photos: if you are trying out different looks you are unsure if you will look good in (especially for those that don't wear makeup typically), it's best to book a separate trial so you don't leave unsure if this is the look you wish for and have them in all your photos afterwards. 
  • Trials are conducted typically Wednesday & Thursday on weekdays only.
  • The possibility to plan some time on another day after the trial to go see your hairstylist at a salon. You may wish to cut your hair with your hairstylist to a certain way after the trial. For example, shorter front layers for more loose pieces on a romantic updo.

For Your 1st Trial:
The goal is to not create the perfect exact style for your event.
With this extra time, it's dedicated for you to express to me, your artist, to learn what you like and don’t like, versus doing this on the event day itself.
On the event day I will know more of what to do for you provided this extra time together.
For example, if you didn't like your bangs to be swept a certain way, or how much volume you prefer, etc.
We can definitely work towards a look you are most comfortable with the time we have, and one you love that represents yourself.

Other Important Hair Trial Additional Notes

  • Have your hair dyed to the colour you would like on your special event prior to your hair trial. This can give you a better visual representation. Consult with your hairstylist.
  • Have your hair cut to the style you would like to wear, clean of split ends if may be. This creates a nice, ‘fresh’ look for your hair styling!
  • If your hair is extremely curly, please blow-dry flat to straight (not flat ironed) before your trial.
  • A wash and blow dry is an additional cost of $85 scheduled with extra time not factored in with your trial. If this is what you wish for, please ask and arrange it ahead of time. Please arrive with your hair 100% dry and immediately ready to be styled.
  • If the following hair guide below isn't followed, hair cannot be styled when it's not in an ideal condition. You may have to re-book your session with a cancellation fee of $100.
  • You may require hair extensions for your ideal look. Many models or pictures online have a natural set of extensions in them to give the hair the most aesthetic appearance with styling. A set of custom hand-made 100% real virgin human hair is $250-$300+.
  • If your hair has difficulty holding curl, or is very flat and limp, you may require hair extensions to 'volumize' your ideal look.


Before 3 months prior to your event date (or ASAP):

- Book a trial minimum within the 3rd month before the event, ideally earlier.

Please have for me the following pictures:
(Try to go for pictures of models that have the same hair colour and skin colour as you for the most accurate results. Red carpet styles are great examples as they aren't photo-enhanced.)

- Your own makeup/hair styling daily
- Your frontal face without any makeup (preferably in good lighting to see texture of skin)
- Your back of head, hair dried daily
- Past professional makeup/hairstyling done on you or others and what you liked/didn’t like about it.
- Your ideal wish for Makeup/Hair
- 2nd ideal wish for Makeup/Hair
- Your wardrobe theme/styling for that day
- Bridal Party wardrobe color and style
- Accessories wearing on the face/hair and/or on the body
- Theme, if any of the wedding

We have limited time at your trial so having these pictures ahead of time ensures I understand you ahead of time and can get started with the vision right away for you.

Please make sure that you have sent all the pictures to info@oliviaha.com.

With subject: "(trial month and date), (wedding month and date), (your name) pictures"
Ex: Jan 1, Feb 2, Olivia Ha pictures
You may also send it in a dropbox folder if it's easier for you.


My Follow Up Before Trial

With my reply I can mention if we may require:
- Hair extensions for your style (if you're not sure) and it will typically require 2 weeks before the extensions are shipped in to you.
- Haircut if may be, however if you know you want your hair trimmed or cut to a certain length, please feel free to do so.
- Clarification on why you like certain styles if it is achievable or not at your trial or event.


Hair Extensions

If you wish to look at online retailers, I have luck with these vendors in the past in no particular order:

I recommend at least 160g+, typically 220g.
When in doubt, opt for a fuller set.
If it's too full we don't have to use all the extensions.
Whereas if we don't have enough hair, we cannot make up for the lack of.

Extension trim: With extensions, you may require a trim if you wish to wear your hair down or half up, or to the side.
My salon partner hairstylist (In salon Mississauga Dundas/Dixie only) is available to trim your extensions, you may book with her ahead of time.
You can also get this trimmed at your hairstylist at your salon.


Schedule in Time:

We have:
2.0 hours for your Hair Trial
2.5 hours for your Makeup Trial

= 4.5 hours for both Olivia Ha Beauty Makeup & Hair Trial

If you require more time, this is available at $125/hour (provided availability) or you may re-book another session at another time and date.


What Celebrities Do For The Best Results - Services To Book Ahead of Time:

Facial: If you want your makeup to show up the most natural, please book at least one facial to a series of facials.

This is to have the most ideal skin and canvas for the makeup to be applied. A smooth canvas is always a beautiful canvas!
Book an appointment to have fresh skin and a glow in your skin.
If you have extractions, do it at least 2-3 days prior to your makeup and hair service.
This creates a ‘glowy’ look in your skin. Ask for my personal facialist if you’re looking for an expert!

My personal esthetician and best Medical spa in Toronto

Teeth Whitening: You can have your teeth whitened for longer lasting results in pictures.
Opt for sensitive teeth whitening if you're not sure and if it's your first time!
It's recommended to have your teeth cleaned by your dentist for the best results first.

Hair Removal: If you’ve done this before, you may have your upper lip, face, eyebrows waxed/threaded for a smoother look. (I will be using a brow razor otherwise)
Shaving is not recommended as it may show stubble or roots, as this will show through on your skin.


For Your Olivia Ha Makeup / Skincare Experience:

  1. Exfoliation/Chemical Peels: If you’ve never done this before, don’t do any harsh peels or professional microdermabrasion treatments at least 2 weeks prior to your makeup. These are intense treatments and can leave the skin very sensitive to touch.

If you’ve have done before and are okay with these types of skin exfoliating treatments, please leave a week prior to the event.

  1. Waxing/Threading: Have not waxed the day before, again, this leaves the skin quite sensitive and raw. At least leave a full day in-between waxing/threading.

If you’ve never done waxing or threading before, please make sure you leave at least 2 weeks prior to your service to make sure you have enough time to heal from any sudden breakouts.


Your Olivia Ha Hair Experience:

  1. Put *no* Conditioner or additional oils, product in your hair prior to hairstyling. If you can prep this 3 continuous washes without conditioner, the better it is!
    Clarifying shampoo or mixing in dish soap to your shampoo will actually help get the hair more squeaky clean for the curls to stay in and last long.
  2. Arrange for your hair to be clean (as little as possible of hair oil for optimal styling)
  3. Arrive with your hair 100% dry from root to tip, ready for styling.


The Night Before / Day of Your Service:

  1. Gently exfoliate your face if you wish, with a scrub.
    Tip: You can use just a washcloth in the shower when the skin is softer; and gently massage your skin to scrub off any dead skin. Especially around the nose, chin, forehead.
  2. Wear a hydrating masque if you wish, and/or eye mask before your treatment and service.
    (There are masks that are the individual packaged, paper ones from your drugstore or department store.)
    Tip: wearing one the night before your service makes a nice difference!
    My Favorite: Tony Moly Intense Hydro gel Mask & Review of it here.
  3. This is the time to wash your hair if you prefer to have your hair freshly styled. Sleep with completely dry, freshly washed hair to prevent fly-away’s.
  4. You may put giant velcro rollers in your hair if you can sleep comfortably with it on for more volume!


Checklist To Bring/Have At Your Service:

  1. Have all your makeup removed and with just clean skin and your moisturizer.
    Extra Tip: If you can, you can be wearing your eye mask, face mask in the morning for extra hydration and plumpness! Don't remove it and wear it the entire time.
  2. Have any other pictures of makeup and/or hair
  3. Feel free to have your veil, hair accessories, jewelry, anything you are accessorizing close by.
  4. Trial: If possible wear a white top in the shade of your dress (ivory, off-white, white, ice white etc.)
    Day of the event: wear something you can easily remove without disturbing the face/hair.
  5. Make sure you have eaten so you won’t be hungry during your service.
  6. Plan off enough time to thoroughly enjoy your makeover experience.


(Optional) If you have requested an in-home service & Olivia is coming to your location, please prepare:

- An area with lots of natural light from open windows
- A large table to place all the makeup and/or hair products
- 2 Chairs facing each other
- A working outlet
- Your facial towel by the sink
- A sink you can wash your face in prior to the makeup application



  1. Introduction
  2. Discuss looks with pictures, beauty history
  3. Looking at accessories of hair, jewelry etc.
  4. Picture time: Before
  5. Mini facial with organic mineral peel and skincare preparation
  6. Colour Consultation & Wardrobe Review
  7. Makeup and/or Hair service
    1. Eyebrow Shaping
    2. Airbrushing
    3. False Lashes
  8. Review of results and changes if necessary
  9. Picture time: After + Together


Great experiences are often because of proper planning and time set aside for it.

This guide was made with love to prepare to help you get the most out of your service in a very easy, simple manner! If you have anything you wish to ask ahead of time, please feel free to contact me!


See you soon!


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