Olivia Ha, Makeup Artist Toronto

The Olivia Ha Beauty Experience is to help you fall in love with yourself, more and more. Olivia is more than just a beauty makeup artist in Toronto; she stands for inner beauty, holistic beauty and spiritual beauty. She takes who you are as a whole being and empowers that. From balancing your yin and yang, color matching and selecting shades, she is more than just a makeup artist. She knows how to pair makeup not only to your clothes, but to your beautiful soul.

Providing you multi-award winning artistry, revered by master judges, well-known makeup artists and beauty professionals in the Toronto area. Olivia has over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry helping clients with timeless beauty.

"I will accentuate your beautiful features and expose that priceless smile just waiting to be awakened within your soul. My mission is the bring out that beauty within you and have you leave my chair with self-confidence like never before."

How's Olivia different from other Beauty Artists? It's all in her love for life and wholesome personality. "If you want to look beautiful, you need to feel beautiful first!" Olivia knows how that feels, so she wants to share with you how to have the same majestic zest in your life.

You can view her bridal beauty work in issues of  Wedluxe MagazineStyle Me PrettyWeddingbellsDauphine Magazine, and many more publications. You can see her artistry featured in competitions such as the industry's Contessa Awards 2011 and at the Allied Beauty Association Show, Award Winner in 2010 and 2015. Olivia is also known to be the makeup artist Toronto that beauty pageant contestants go to for a clean flawless look. She was the head makeup artist for Miss Asia Toronto 2008 and the personal makeup artist for Miss Asia 2008 1st runner up, Miss World 2009, Miss Universe Canada 2010Beauties of Asia 2012 and many more.

"I wish you to feel your natural beauty, effortless and timeless!"
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Multi-Award Winning Makeup Artist Toronto, Hairstylist and Beauty Specialist.



Spring Style Photoshoot, Makeup & Hair by Olivia Ha