Nancy Tompkins

Thank you so much for making Kelly absolutely breathtaking ( good canvas to work on ) She was so radiant , and her hair was perfect.

You two ladies did a fantastic job.

Olivia, there were people at the wedding that I haven’t seen in 20 years, (some of them I didn’t even recognize at first) . They all said that I looked fantastic , and that I haven’t changed at all!!(Must have been that clear serum you first applied to my face.) I know that everyone says to the MOB… oh you look so good , friends of mine at work couldn’t believe how well my make up was done. I did feel really good, and most important HOT!!!

There was no rain, and the sun was out during the ceremony, the day was PERFECT in every way.

Thank you so much again for making us look gorgeous on the Big Wedding Day.

Nancy Tompkins… and Kelly Turner

P.S. it is 3:00 Sunday and I still have my false eyelashes on!