Diana Yung

I want to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our makeups! The reason we looked so great was all from your hard work!!! Thank you for organizing such a wonderful makeup/hairstyle team and help us look our best~
I am so impressed by how everything turned out, especially in the pictures.
You are such a talent and I am extremely happy that you were there to make my day so beautiful

It takes a truly beautiful person (both inside and out) to help others look beautiful.  There’s no doubt you are that beautiful person.

I had an amazing time working with you.  You have excellent customer service and your personality is vibrant.  You are very easy to talk to and I can see that you really care about your client’s needs – I really appreciated that.  I would definitely recommend others to use you and I am sure my bridesmaids feel the same way.  Another thing I was very happy with was that you were flexible and accommodative such as being available when I needed you for my evening make-up and hair.

You demonstrated your professionalism and good customer service by arranging to have my mother-in-law’s makeup & hair done even though the other hairstylist couldn’t.  Lastly, you and your team were able to pull off such fabulous make-up and hair for all of us in such limited time (and at 4 a.m.!)

Kevin and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!