Terms and Conditions of Service

Services & Rates:
• All service rates included taxes in.
• All services are in CAD, Canadian Dollar Currency.

Weekend Bookings:
• The weekend (Friday-Sunday) minimum booking is $650.
• All reservation fees are non-refundable, transferrable or exchangeable.
• Any booking requires a 50% retainer fee.
• Any booking within 30 days to the event requires full payment.

Location & Travel:
• Private Salon available for your service at:
1650 Dundas St. E.
Mississauga, ON
L4X 2Z3
(By appointment only)
• Mobile Services are available:
- Travel service starts at $1.25/km past 20km to L5B3R5. Additional fees may apply for high traffic, long distance, tolls, etc.
- High Traffic Travel Service is $2/km during rush hour times.
• Parking and Hotel Valet are not included in basic travel charges listed above. Additional parking expenses require accommodation by client. If you are staying in a hotel, valet is required to be timely to your service. If valet is not available, the closest available parking is required to be accommodated for.

For your convenience, that Olivia Ha Beauty will update any additional travel expense to your final balance.

As a Bride, Olivia handpicked these special Complimentary Services for you to indulge in
Makeup: Mini-Facial, Eye Mask, Eyebrow Shaping, False Eyelashes, Airbrush Makeup, Waterproof Makeup, Touch-Up Kit.
Hair Styling: Hair Extension Application & Styling, Hair Padding/Filling, Hair Colour Filling, Dupatta Hair Setting

If you wish for any additional services on the day of the wedding after your booking, you can purchase prior to the service with cash or credit card.

Terms of Service the Client agrees with Olivia and Associates

1. Booking
These terms of service apply to you as the Client (and all people receiving a service) with all services and bookings. By submitting a deposit, you agree with all information represented in this entire document. The service will only be honoured and guaranteed when Olivia has accepted your retainer. These rates, terms of service, and conditions, may change without prior notice. Listed here are the current terms and conditions for your reference with your booking. In your best interest, Olivia has every right to refuse and refund your request at any time, if she judges it unfit for both parties.

With a 50% retainer fee:
Agree the ‘Remaining Balance’ will be cleared by the due date (at least 30 days prior to service):
- You may pay the full balance now and the remaining payment 30 days prior to the date.
- You will be billed 30 days prior to your event to clear the remaining balance.
- Upon cancellation, you will not be billed the remaining 50% if you have cancelled your booking online more than 30 days prior to the event date.

With 100% retainer fee:
You are booking for an event within 30 days.

2. Makeup and/or Hair Service Guidelines
If booking for a group, you agree to share the information of General Booking Information, Complimentary Services and Terms of Service with all receiving a service to be properly informed ahead of time.
Everyone receiving a service is advised to give undivided attention to Olivia (and associates) so the service may be performed and completed to quality standard, and also in keeping with the day’s schedule.

Clients for a makeup service are to show up with no makeup or product on the skin, other than their usual skincare routine. If they have specific lashes they wish to wear, product, or makeup, clients must have it on hand when service starts. If clients wish to wear contact lenses, require teeth brushing, wardrobe that touches the face, please do this prior to makeup application.

Clients for a hair service are to show up with clean hair. Meaning no wet or damp hair, product in hair, oils in hair, build up at the roots or conditioner in the hair from the most recent wash. It is recommended to only shampoo with no conditioner 3 times prior to the day of event or with a clarifying shampoo. Clients are to have 100% dry hair, from root to tip. Also please arrive with blow-dried straight, tangle-free, brushed out hair. Products, oils, conditioner, tangles or treatments removes the ability for volume to be created or prevent any styling to last or be created.

In the event you are late or party members are delayed, there is a chance the service will not be performed, or receive only a partial service.

Olivia has the right to refuse service if a client has failed to follow the guidelines for makeup and hair. Such as, but not limited, to product or oil in hair or wet hair, or a face with makeup on. A refund or exchange will not be issued for negligence. If there are any issues following the guidelines of a makeup and hair service, please contact Olivia as soon as possible for clarification. Olivia has the right to refuse incorporating hair extensions or false lashes to the beauty service if she believes it cannot be styled or used. Such as, but not limited to, synthetic hair extensions that do not style, but instead melt with hot iron hair tools or hair extensions without clip-ins.

Each bridal party member is allotted each service time of 30 minutes and 1 hour for the bride, unless otherwise stated by Olivia. Clients are expected to show up 15 minutes prior to their service for a consultation with Olivia, complete with pictures and hair accessories of what they are hoping for in their service.

3. Safety
You understand all Artists have a right to refuse provision of service if the client is believed to have a contagious condition, sickness, or any high risk factor that may affect the artist(s) health or others. Contagious conditions of the skin, bacteria, viruses, fungus, lice etc. are all examples. Please inform Olivia if there is a contagious risk of any sort to the artist ahead of time to arrange accommodations if possible. If a service is declined for a contagious condition, the service will not be refundable, only exchangeable the same day and time slot with another person.
For your safety and hygiene, you understand that makeup and hair services are temporary. Removal is recommended when the day is over prior to sleeping.

Olivia must be informed in advance if anyone receiving a service has any specific allergies or sensitivities. We are sensitive and mindful, and only use products that are safe and hygienic. However, under the very small chance of a reaction occurring, you agree we will not be held responsible. Olivia is not responsible for any skin reactions, infections, skin damage, hair loss or damage to hair or anything similar in the nature after any beauty service.

If Olivia is required to work over 5 hours in length, a minimum of a 15-minute refreshment break time is required.

Olivia is not responsible for any emotional, mental, or physical pain or suffering a client undergoes from Olivia’s service(s) or presence. Olivia is not responsible for any action, or lack of action, from client as a result of advice or consultation. Olivia does not claim to give medical advice or the advice is replaceable to a medical practitioner. Olivia advises to seek help or consultation from a licensed medical practitioner.

4. Misconduct
If there is any misconduct or disrespect to Olivia and any associate, abuse in any form will not be tolerated, and the services will not be performed on the individual or individuals. Your payment/deposit will not be refunded or exchanged.

5. Guarantee
Though Olivia makes it her sole mission to be present at your event, unforeseeable or unfortunate circumstances may cause Olivia and other associate Artist(s) to be unable to attend (such as but not limited to: natural disaster, serious health compromise, or accidents). If this occurs, you understand and release all liability to Olivia and other Artist(s) upon this agreement of service. The best available replacement artist will be recommended, and if an artist cannot be recommended, you will receive back your deposit for the requested services for this date.

We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen influences or alterations that are a result of direct or indirect tampering to makeup and or hair after the service is completed, such as, but not limited to: eating and wiping off makeup, scratching off makeup, putting on wardrobe and removing makeup or distressing one’s hair, veils, hair accessory changes, wind, rain, sweat, humidity, rubbing of the back of your head on a headrest or children. To ensure longevity in all photos, booking an extended Hourly Coverage after services, Full Day Styling Service or at least a Mid-Day Touch Up Service is highly recommended.

Olivia always uses her creative skill and professional judgement for the benefit and satisfaction of client. However, in the case the client is unsatisfied with the result we will not be held responsible. Especially when client is to go against the advice given by Olivia. For any specific request(s), it is highly recommended to contact Olivia to schedule an appointment for a preview service, prior to event.
If any disagreements or issues arise, you agree to be in touch with Olivia ASAP to have it resolved immediately; during or after the event.

6. Changes/Cancellations
A signature is not required. By submitting this request, you honour that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and the entire document. Any changes or additions to this contract after it has been confirmed with a deposit are subject to new rates, terms and conditions. If there are location changes, or any other modifications of what is written here, please notify Olivia as soon as possible. It will be left to Olivia and associate artist(s) availability to address any changes to accommodate your request.

If there are any additional services requested the day of, it is dependent Olivia’s availability. If available, the services must be paid in full prior to the service, with the current service rates listed at http://oliviahamakeupartisttoronto.ca . If Olivia is required to “fix”, change, or alter a look of makeup or hair not serviced by Olivia or associates, the additional service is subject to the current full service rates made payable to Olivia prior to the service.

Agree all payments and deposits are final and non-refundable, unless otherwise stated in these terms. Final number of services cannot be removed, only added on (provided available), or a service replaced in the same time slot as originally planned to honour the agreement with all parties. Any cancellations must be made in writing by email to info@oliviaha.com.

7. Media
All services done by Olivia will be credited to Olivia Ha when posting online on all social media; such as Facebook, website, or online blog. Olivia’s credits will be given properly on file to all media parties involved, including photographer and videographer. In any video footage taken of Olivia Ha at work, Olivia Ha is to be properly credited as “Makeup and Hair by Olivia Ha, website: http://oliviahamakeupartisttoronto.ca ” or tag on Instagram @oliviahabeauty or #oliviahabeauty.

Client is subject to have their photo and/or video taken of the experience and client will have the chance to consent to have it used in any marketing or media promotion. Photos may be posted online on social media, or website promotion. You will be given a model release.

8. Additional Information
Olivia is not responsible for any wardrobe malfunction, the result of damage to wardrobe, or dirtying of the wardrobe. This includes, but is not limited to: hair extensions, hair accessories, body jewellery, wardrobe pieces or wardrobe, false lashes or any products or pieces involved with the service.

Olivia and associates is not held responsible for any direct or indirect damages to property as a result of makeup and hair services. Such as, but not limited to: stained fabric, carpets, tablecloth, hairspray, hot iron hair tools, fire and electrical shortages, counter or floor surface damage, or burns on surfaces.


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